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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  September 5, 2013 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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in the same room together despite being on different planets when it comes to who was telling the truth about syria. we'll have a live report from russia coming up. anthony weiner in action yet again. we'll show you the latest meltdown. and to be fair, we'll put it in proper context. all i'll say is this one absolutely different than the others was personal. and we couldn't handle the truth. well, jack nicholson, is he retiring? is he? we'll clarify whether the acting legend is done or not. this is "way too early". good morning, everybody. brian shactman here. also want to point out my red sox sent a message to the rest of the american league, we're pretty good at heading the baseball. they hit quite a few out of the park last night. samsung pretty good at stealing attention away from apple. we'll look into whether the new watch is a big deal or not. is it an ipod or is it a zune?
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he did not buy a zune? we want to begin on a serious note. a lot to cover when it comes to syria. president obama on a collision course with putin. the president says he will continue to engage his russian counterpart at the g-20 summit on syria, though they have, quote, hit a wall. the group will have working sessions and even dinner later tonight. the pleasantries as you might imagine have already begun. putin yesterday called out secretary kerry accusing him of, quote, lying and he knows that he's lying. this is sad. putin was referring to testimony where secretary kerry down played al qaeda's role within the syrian opposition. but it's called for an international strike against syria, president obama is nding the claims the red lines are his alone. >> first of all, i didn't set a red line. the world set a red line.
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the world saet a red line when governments representing 98% of the world's population said the use a of chemical weapons are abhorrent and passed a treaty informati forbidding their use even in war. congress set a red line when it ratified that treaty. my credibility is not on the line. the international community's credibility is on the line. and america and congress' credibility is on the line because we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important. >> meanwhile in washington, the senate resolution authorizing the use of forceary rowly passed either first committee. democratic center ed markey voted present saying he wanted to do more analysis. one significant revision added for john mccain calls for changing the military equation on the battlefield. the obama administration has said it is not seeking a change
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in the balance of power with the military action, but the future did remain in question. more than half of all senators have yet to decide how they will vote. of the house members, the post is tracking more than 170 are leaning no or are against air strikes outright. secretary kerry had a tough time selling the plan on capitol hill. >> this is not a fight for freedom and democracy. there is no unifying vision or social contract, not a constitution or even a preamble of what syria wants to become. this is a conflict between a brutal and murderous dictator and an opposition whose best fighters are represented by al qaeda affiliates and islamic extremists bent on creating islamist state in syria. >> i cannot, i will not, nor shall not support intervention in this conflict.
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our action would be one of attacking a sovereign nation, a nation that did not attack us, an act of war, and if we start war, we invite war, do we not? and i true as unconstitutional. i and the people i represent said not just no, but something like heck no. >> have you ever been to the cemetery in france above those beaches? why did those guys have to go and do that? because we were standing up with people for a set of values and fighting for freedom and no country is liberated as much land or fought as many battles as the united states of america and turned around and given it back to the people that live there and who can own it and run it. we are the indispensable nation. >> joining us, political director and host of the daily rundown, chuck todd. putin calls our most senior
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diplomat a liar. i guess do we chalk this up as the character that is putin or do we hit him back hard on this? >> reporter: we'll see. what was interesting about yesterday, he does this official interview with the associated press and russia's channel 1 and he for putin sort of had an olive branch for president obama saying that they disagree on some things, but they have plenty that they would like to work together on, that he thought that they could get through this. and then of course he turns around into another news organization, calls john kerry a laye liar. i thought there was a possibility at some point, and we'll see them shaking hands, putin is the host leader, so they introduce them all, almost leak going to an nba game, they introduce each leader and the host there handshakes. so we'll get a photo of the two of them shaking hands.
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they will be at a couple of group it contindinners, but thet they go to the side when the cameras are watching to look like they're whispering pleasantries seems unlikely. everybody i've talked to on the american side seems to think that's unlikely. putin as host leader seems to be very busy. but to go back to the syria question, they're butting heads on two things. one is edward snowden, but the second thing happens to be syria of course. and what's interesting is as tough of a reception as john kerry got in the house, that's about the same tough reception president obama will at the time here with these other country leaders that are here. only france and great britain and turkey of the g-20 nations have been pin about supporting the president, but it will be a minority of the g-20 countries in support of the u.s. launching air strikes. >> chuck, we appreciate you coming on the show. we know you'll have a long day
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at least through "nightly news". who knows what beyond that. so have a good day. appreciate the insight. chuck live for us from saint petersburg, russia. with less than a month to go before the health care law is rolled out, bill clinton speaking out in defense of the law. yesterday clinton praised the affordable care act while saying republicans should stop feeting it and start working to make better. >> in congress there have been 40 votes to repeal this law. but no real alternatives presented to fix the current system. this does give us the best chance we've had to achieve nearly universal coverage, provide higher quality health care and lower the rate of cost increases which we have got to do in a competitive global economy. and finally, it is a law. and i think we've all got an interest in trying to faithfully
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execute the laws. we're going to do better working together and learning together than we will trying to over and over again repeal the law or rooting for reform to fail. >> more fallout from the nsa leaks, this time the national rifle association that has joined forces with the aclu in a lawsuit aimed at ending the government's massive phone record collection program. the nra argues that it amounts to a national gun registry. it should be moted last month it was reported the nra is keeping its own massive database of gun owners. when asked for comment, the nr after the was quoted as saying that's none of your business. now anthony weiner's quest to become the next mayor here may be fading. yesterday weiner went toe to toe
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with a man at a brooklyn bakery and it got pretty personal. >> you're a real scum bag. >> that's a charming guy right there. takes one to know one [ bleep ]. >> i'm not afraid of you. >> don't use language in front of -- >> you have the nerve to walk around in public. >> you're my judge? >> you need to work out of your problem, but stay out of the public eye. >> that's not for you to judge, my friend. i don't take my judgment for you and i don't judge you. >> the issue is that he called his wife -- he messed with somebody. weiner defended the exchange on twet er twitter of all places by responding to online commenters
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saying if by meltdown you mean stood up to a heckler, yep, i did did that. that's what mayors have to do sometimes. and he also added that in his defense, the guy waited until i took a bite of honey cake to make a run at me. end quote. judge for yourself on that one. now to business. later this morning we'll get a look at the weekly unemployment report, the beginning of a new month. we'll get the labor report tomorrow, as well. yesterday the markets rallied for the second straight day. basically the dow had its largest gain in over a month. now only 70 points shy of the 15,000 mark. cnbc's louisa bojesen live for us in -- louisa, hello. >> brian, so exciting to see you again virtually. listen, a bunch of things going on in the market. you need to know that thousands of walmart employees are getting ready for a big strike set to take place across 13 states today, the largest protest since black friday. a group called our walmart are essentially claiming that
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walmart are not holding the minimum wage standards. they want walmart to commit to a real wage of $25,000 and withdraw punishment on the people that complained about this. walmart is saying their average worker makes $12 per hour in pay. construction spending rising to a four year high. new hopes could be more expensive because land is going up. up by some 40% year on year in key markets. that's the finished lot prices. and in berlin, very excite, samsung unveiling three products, the most exciting being the galaxy gear smart watch. so leak your phone that you wear around your wrist, you don't have to fumble to find your phone in your pocket. you have no excuse that you didn't hear it ring ball you'll feel it vibrate if anything. 1.6 inch screen, a camera. i can see you with one of these. >> do you think it's a hit, or
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do you think it's kind of a fad? >> the thing is people don't really wear watches anymore. but it's smart, though, because apple might come out with their own watch. waiting to see maybe people want to buy a device like this. >> you don't watch nba press conferences. watches are a fashion accessory now for a lot of people. >> but that's like if it's this big with diamonds. if you're a normal person, you know, you might not want to wear a casio any longer. >> louisa, thank you very much. by the way, are the watches going to be must haves, is it the fad? basically we want to know what fad did you buy into that was not as advertised. #way too early. i have one. i have an item that i thought was the coolest thing. and it basically was phased out like a year after i bought it. i'll tell you what that is later in the show. still ahead, playoff atmosphere
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in baseball. red sox show that they may be the real deal. and later, steven compaphen col thinks president obama needs to work on his syria pitch. [ whispering ] uh! i had a nightmare!
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come on, guys. you know what to do. there you go. looks like -- it's a tight game
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so far. ravens? no, it's a tight game. looks like the broncos have it right there. we have a winner. the broncos will win the first nfl game of the year. >> all you need is a cute puppy and you have about everybody. the puppies spoke. broncos will win i guess. the nfl season, i'm psyched. i can it my fantasy draft. got crushed in it, but they play the ravens against the denver broncos. am i going to stay up late? i don't think so. but i want to sea how wes welker does with peyton manning. do i in the like baltimore. i like the city, but not the ravens. and of course they lost to the ravens in the playoffs.
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sox last night, franchise record tying eight home runs. will middlebrooks had a grand slam. big papi had two home runs. also his 2000th hit of his career. 20-4 the final. fourth inning, shane victorino chasing down a foul ball, he'll go into the stands to make the grab. a little rip on the pants there. helps out with the phone. by the way, the girl in the background got crushed. she got a whole face full of beer. >> it's okay she said. >> and it's like $8, $9 a year. by the way, red sox and the tigers weren't the only
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match-ups with postseason implications. athletic beat the rangers 11-4, they're tied for first in the a.l. west. nl, cardinals and cincinnati, game tied at 4. reds with a chance. they try a suicide squeeze. does not work out. out at home. and by the way, a little bit later, cards make them pay. matt adams, the go ahead home run. by the way, second home run of extra innings. i think he hit one in the tenth, as well. 5-4. one game behind the pirates in the nl central. so this is the best time of year. football starts, college and pro, you have baseball playoffs. >> we have to stop with the baseball highlights. it's all football. >> no, the red sox are there. have to keep it up. >> october. >> good to see you, bill. >> good to see you back. as far as the storm goes, gabrielle are be headi ihitting rico. it does not look like this will
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become a hurricane. may come close, but not a threat to the u.s.. so great news. puerto rico dealing with heavy rains the next two days. and then after that, it will go into the at lap tig. if you're in new england, it will be a beautiful none city d sunny day. but tonight shut the windows. the first cold city sunny day. but tonight shut the windows. the first cold night.e city suny day. but tonight shut the windows. the first cold night.ty sunny day. but tonight shut the windows. the first cold night. sunny day. but tonight shut the windows. the first cold night.sunny day. but tonight shut the windows. the first cold night. middle of the country, still hot. still 100 degrees from texas northwards. 90s up in montana. so just new england, it will feel like middle fall. >> like the only warmth you you get is from the actual sun. >> in the shade, starting to feel cool. >> absolutely. coming up on "morning joe," things about to get weird at the g-20. putin calls secretary kerry a liar. we'll also break down where the vote stands on capitol hill when it comes to action in syria. when we come back here, the cooler. surprise rumors around jack
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you vote yes if you believe yes. you vote in favor of something if you believe it's the right thing. if you believe it's the wrong thing, you vote no. we are following a proceed -- i will not yield for the gentleman and the gentleman will be on
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serve regular order. it's republicans wrapping their arms around republicans rather than doing the right thing on behalf of the here rows. it's a shame. if you believe this is a bad idea to provide health care, then vote no. the gentleman will be on serve regular order and sit down. i will not. the gentleman will sit. the gentleman is correct in sitting. >> wow. anthony weiner not known for his restraint. that was him from the house floor in 2010. earlier we showed you his confrontation with a voter yesterday. while weiner has always been outspoken for what he believes in, if you want to sound smart, tell your friends during 12 1/2 years in congress, weiner sponsored and wrote only one bill which passed. the prevent all cigarette trafficking agent. this bill went into effect in 20
2:55 am
so and cracked down on cigarette tax evasion and made it illegal to ship cigarettes vie at u.s. po via the u.s. postal service. let's hit the cooler with mr. lewis. >> yesterday radar on democratic line reported that jack nicholson is considering retiring due to memory loss issues. but a spokesman firmly denied the report adding he's currently reading scripts for future projects. a huge relief. i'd hate to think we don't have more of this to look forward to. >> you can call me joker. and as you can see, i'm a lot happier. >> what if this is as good as it gets? >> i want the truth. >> you can't handle the truth.
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>> i think we might ease it down a bit so many the boys didn't have to shout? huh? >> indians. >> here's johnny! >> just can't beat jack. the last film he starred in was how do you know in 2010. now, moving over to stephen colbert, he hasn't been impressed with the president's pitch for military strikes, so he's offering the president vice on how to sell a war. take a look. >> stop asking our permission and start telling us our peril like this. my fellow americans, assad has used poison gas on his own peel. if we do not respond, sources say next he will hit epcot there by taking out paris, london and
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china. and that's all of our orobot it can presidents. it is our moral obligation to stop this this mad man and if britain won't help us, i say [ bleep ] him. english muffins will be called liberty toast from now on. this land is my land and your land. and america does not back down in the face of tyranny. fool me worngts shaonce, shame . fool me twice, a penny saved is a horse whose colors do not run. my god bless the united states of america. >> let me just say you make me want to be a better man. i'm going to go have liberty toast. >> i like the english. thank you. your best and most creative tweets when we come right back. ♪ nascar is ab.out excitement
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. samsung has the new smart watch, i guess. is it a fad or stick it out. we want to know about other things that


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